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Open the Door to an Improved Process for Audits & Collection

Open Door is a turn-key system for managing field audit and collection teams that uses mobile technology to bring a new spin to old problems. The system started out as a tool for door-to-door sales teams and has evolved into a powerful platform for managing geographically dispersed sales and service teams. We’ve taken Open Door and created customized modules that specifically speak to the needs and demands of field audit and collection teams. Open Door Solution is compatible with Android & Blackberry mobile devices and can be deployed using any of the major cellular carrier networks.

Some of the key features of Open Door Solution include:

  • Electronic work order management, dispatch and tracking
  • GPS tracking and map views of reps in the field
  • Custom designed electronic forms that are easily modified to meet your needs
  • Photo and signature capture
  • Reporting and management analysis tool
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Suddenlink Boosts Sales Rates with Open Door – The Door to Door Sales Solution from Realtime Results

Suddenlink Boosts Sales Rates with Open Door – The Door to Door Sales Solution from Realtime Results Door-to-door sales have been a mainstay of the cable industry for years, but managing the team has been a hit-or-miss effort. However, wireless technology is changing that for one company. Suddenlink, a top 10 cable broadband provider in the United States has implemented Open Door – wireless door-to-door sales solution from Realtime Results that has significantly increased its residential sales team’s productivity.

“In the communications industry, door-to-door has been a very effective but expensive residential sales channel. It only made sense to leverage emerging technologies to make the process more efficient, cost effective, and easier on our customers and agents,” said Suddenlink Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Jerry Dow. “Using the Realtime Results door-to-door sales solution, our residential sales reps now spend more time selling and less time processing paper work. As a result, they have been able to knock on 37 percent more doors in a day, while back-office call times have been shortened by as much as 40 percent.

“For years managing door-to-door sales has been hit or miss. Our door-to-door sales reps can now log in from home for their assignments and hit the ground running, without the hassle of punching a clock or handling massive amounts of paper,” Dow said. “This platform records performance automatically and lets managers construct realistic goals from remote. The Realtime Results door-to-door sales software makes our people much more goal-oriented and their efforts measurable.”

Realtime Results, based in St. Louis, Mo., operates a full-fledged contact Internet Protocol-based contact center to help cable and telephone companies manage their customer relationship management, including sales support, customer care and billing. As companies continue to merge, they end up with disparate back-office billing systems that can be difficult to integrate. Realtime Results aggregates the companies’ information to make it easier to interpret data in real-time.

The company’s Open Door solution, which Suddenlink deployed for its sales force, has two components. The software, which works on most handsets and PDAs, creates a paperless trail so reps can capture information on the fly, and contains a GPS tracking element to monitor the reps’ activities. The mobile apps allows the sales rep to perform credit checks and place orders wirelessly, connecting to back-office support and integration with Suddenlink’s billing system.

“Door-to-door sales have been a part of cable operators’ strategy for 35 years. The challenge has been how to manage it,” Wheeler said. “Direct sales are all about big numbers.” The Open Door solution helps companies retain their best employees because they can operate more efficiently, he said.

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Open Door – The Door-to-door Sales Solution: Helping Sales Reps to make more sales faster

Open Door Help Sales Reps Make More Sales FasterYou have got your sales team screened, hired and trained on the features and benefits of your product/service and now it’s time to put their “feet on the street!” But what about managing and supporting your sales team while they are in field? Did you think through the possible sales rep management tools and make an informed choice about what would work most effectively for your product and market? If not, your team may not be off to the fast break you hope for. In door-to-door sales, it is very important to track your reps activity and support them with a tool that streamlines their work allowing them to generate more sales. Take the time to think about a door-to-door sales solution that would work best for the sales environment your reps will be facing.

Open Door, the leading Door-to Door Sales Solution from Realtime Results helps you not only to manage sales team effectively through GPS tracking, but also provides the tools and technology your sales team need to succeed and beat the competition. It gives you a turn-key sales management system for managing field sales teams using mobile technology (mobile phones, tablets and netbooks). It provides you the ability to distribute leads electronically and capture order information online. Sales reps can set reminders that will prompt them to return to a sales prospect at a future date or time. Different workflow patterns can be set by management to ensure that reps knock on doors or make multiple contact attempts with a prospect or customer. Every interaction with a customer is recorded in this single system. That information is then used to manage, measure and keep track of all the information for each sale including order fulfillment and customer service information. Overall, it helps to build a better customer experience with increased sales.


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Realtime Result’s Open Door Sales Solution Targets Door-to-Door Sales

We often get asked how we decided to develop a software solution that focuses on the Door-to-Door sales industry. Well, as they say, it’s a long story. Actually, Realtime Results is part of a collection of companies under our parent organization the Gilead Group. The Open Door story involves a number of Gilead Group companies, some ingenuity and a whole lot of hard work.Open Door - Wireless Door to Door Sales Software Solution

The group of companies involved in the genesis of the Open Door solution for door-to-door sales include:

  • C4 Connections and Nfuse Direct (they are sister companies) and both Gilead Group portfolio companies. They are leaders and experts in the world of door-to-door sales.
  • Realtime Results cut its teeth on customer service and call centers, and
  • Agilis Systems, a Gilead Group company that develops mobile software solutions for GPS tracking and mobile workforce management.

Each of these companies brought expertise and knowledge to the Open Door solution. Realtime leveraged the door-to-door sales expertise of C4 Connections and Nfuse Direct to gain keen insights to the needs of door-to-door sales managers and door-to-door sales reps. Our software development team worked closely with the Agilis Systems development team to flesh out the GPS tracking of sales reps  and the mobile sales functionality. Then we sprinkled it all with Realtime’s expertise in back-office order processing, sales lead management and our own past with supporting door-to-door sales activities. The result is the leading door-to-door sales software solution – Open Door.

Open Door is now in wide use and is tracking, capturing and reporting on scores of door-to-door sales reps across the country. It’s a solution that many companies were looking for, and we are really meeting a need. We owe it all to our family of companies and our good partners.


Realtime Results – Simplifying Door-to-Door Sales Management

New features extend the lead management features of the Open Door Sales SolutionDoor to Door Sales Solution Realtime Result’s Open Door Sales Solution, the industry’s leading wireless solution for door-to-door and field-based sales teams, has extended and expanded the lead management features of its powerful sales management tool. The new features allow a sales manager to upload sales leads, view them on an interactive map, and assign the leads in several innovative ways.

“These enhancements came from working closely with sales teams in the field and our Open Door clients,” explains Tom Brockhaus, Vice President of Business Development. “We are working to create an industry-leading solution that truly works the way sales managers and sales reps conduct their day-to-day sales activities.”

The enhancements allow sales managers to manage and assign sales leads using the Open Door mapping tools. Sales managers can outline an area on the map and assign all leads within that space to a sales rep. The tool then pushes leads out electronically to a sales rep’s mobile device in the field. In addition, a sales manager can pinpoint a location on the map and then assign all leads to a representative that fall within a specified radius.

“These features are exactly what our sales management clients have been asking for,” continues Brockhaus. “They take Open Door’s powerful set of sales lead management tools to an entirely new level. It removes the need for paper-based lead sheets, removes home-grown manual solutions and saves sales managers a ton of time. Anyone managing teams of sales reps in the field can benefit from these new features and the Open Door system.”

Once sales leads are assigned, sales managers use the Open Door system to monitor the activity and progress of all leads in the system. The system tracks sales reps using GPS technology allowing sales management the ability to monitor the work, status and progress of their sales reps in the field

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