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Realtime Results is an organization that has seen great deal of change in a short-time span. Over the years, our business has changed and evolved leading us in new directions and new endeavors we never planned at the outset. But the one constant across those years, and the foundation of our success, is our relentless focus on delivering above and beyond the expectations of clients, our partners and the end customers we serve.

Realtime began as a business selling and coordinating connections and disconnections of new and existing services for movers. As part of that work, our people gained detailed knowledge and experience working with the back-office processes and systems in a myriad of service based industries – cable and telecommunications, utilities, security and many more. From those experiences, we developed what is today one of the industry’s leading mobile software solutions for field sales and service teams – Open Door. We essentially developed that tool by building the solution we would want to use ourselves, and our customers have responded very favorably.

Our work helping movers also allowed us to develop expertise in call center operations. As part of that arm of our operations, we acquired a talented team focused on Product Recall. Today, our Product Recall division (Recall Results) is a leader in serving as a consultant and an outsourced provider of Product Recall planning, support and services.

When one of our clients sits down with us and discusses their business, we trust that our experience and indepth knowledge comes through clearly. We believe you will find that we’re a company were everyone understands the importance of their role and the value of the trust our customers place in us. In each of our lines of business, we are always representing the face of our partner company. It’s a relationship that requires trust on the part of our clients, and we work hard to maintain that trust.

If you are looking for a partner who will treat your business with the same respect we do our own, then look no further. It’s truly our core value.

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